Price list
updated in July 2010

Estimation of price for each items ordered starting from wrought iron and up to forged, welded iron illustrated Pamor (including carving & ‘pahat bunga’).

Keris Sundang Melayu
frm MYR 1000 – MYR 1500
Keris Malela Tulang Biasa / Tulang Bulat
frm MYR 900 – MYR 1500
Keris Pandai Saras Cerita
frm MYR 900 – MYR 1300
Keris Tok Cu
frm MYR 900 – MYR 1300
Keris Pandai Saras / Saras Debet
frm MYR 700 – MYR 1200
Keris Bugis Pattani / Sepukal Pattani
frm MYR 700 – MYR 1200
Keris Beko
frm MYR 700 – MYR 1300
Keris Alang Panjang / Anak Alang /Alang Guling
frm MYR 700 – MYR 1300
Keris Selit
frm MYR 500 – MYR 1000
Pedang Lurah / Malela (sword)
frm MYR 900 – MYR 1500
Pedang Melayu / Samurai / lain-lain (sword)
frm MYR 400 – MYR 1000
Badik Lurah / Malela (dagger)
frm MYR 300 – MYR 900
Badik (dagger)
frm MYR 200 – MYR 700

Terms and service conditions
1. These informations regarding product price and services offered in this website shall be applied at the time of your purchase order.

2. We reserve the right to amend the price at any time. Price changes will be bound by the current cost of material being used.

3. Purchase price shall be the same as agreed at the time of purchase order.

4. Colour viewed on screen or printed off are normally not exact matches as the actual product.

5. All estimates price are inclusive the cost of delivery within Malaysia. Minimal additional charges may be implemented for shipping out of Malaysia.

6. Advance payment of 30% needs to be made if the value of the product is less than MYR1000. And 50% payment for the product that is more than MYR1000. Balance is upon completion.

7. Delivery will only be made until final payment has cleared through its bank.

8. All terms and conditions will be governed by Malaysian law.