oh my grodd5 149 points submitted 14 days agoIn Steam terms of

silencecalls u

So, Basically you can colonize 2 out of 10 colonizeable planet types from the start without penalties instead of just 1, which imo is quite OP, considring canada goose outlet niagara falls how many 20 max tile Tomb worlds you find (especially early on, no idea if this is hard coded or just bad luck, but the biggest planets I find surrounding my startarea tend to be nuclear wastelands, hence why adopted the trait), imo its worth it.I tend to combine this with xenophobic (lower outpost costs) canada goose outlet vancouver for early max blobbing. (My people survived an alien attack, and from the ashes they risen to take revenge :>).oh my grodd5 149 points submitted 14 days agoIn Steam terms of service, canada goose outlet belgium and I assume its the same for canada goose outlet michigan Origin, they phrase everything so that you are not buying the game; you are buying the right to use the game. They did this so that if/when the Steam website and servers shut down click this over here now , they won get sued.I definitely agree that EA canada goose outlet 80 off should give him back the games and his account, but it would be hard to make a legal argument against them due to those terms.(Insert bad Disneyland metaphor here)drewmana 123 points submitted 23 days agoTowards the end of my college career I ended up applying for jobs all over the Bay Area for about five months before finding something in my field that canada goose jacket outlet uk wasn’t a pyramid scheme or unpaid.First interview went very very well, was feeling super confident, then they asked what I brought canada goose outlet los angeles to the table. I started canada goose outlet germany talking about my enthusiasm, my experience, etc. but they stopped me and clarified what they meant.”For example. I’m asian. Two of our designers are lesbian. Our last interviewee was a black trans man. What do you bring to the team?”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and just left. Luckily I got an excellent canada goose clothing uk job a few weeks later and never looked back.RanByMyGun 110 points submitted 23 days agoWent in to interview for a customer support job. Google the company and find a lot of negative reviews about telemarketing. This is only my second interview in months of canada goose outlet store toronto applying so I figure I go in for practice anyway. I check in with the receptionist and sit down, guy behind me goes up to her and says “Today is my first day and I want to quit.” canada goose factory outlet vancouver The receptionist doesn seem phased at all and just lets him know where to canada goose womens outlet go. Definitely turned out to be telemarketing https://www.arconserve.ca , the interviewer said I wouldn be making any outbound calls because they have a machine that auto dials and anyone that chooses more information would then get connected, so it not technically sales. I didn even get any interview practice out of it, I just had to read out canada goose sale uk loud their one page script and received an offer as soon as I finished. canada goose outlet hong kong At least I learned about the crappy jobs out there.DiarrheaMonkey 1 point submitted 1 month agoIt not one guy saying “Yeah, that good.” It multiple people reviewing it and running a computer simulation. I guarantee that they even have a very good estimate of how much weight it can bear canada goose parka uk and then they made it at least 20% stronger than it needed to be to hold it own weight plus more extra weight than it will ever bear.As far as crossing the street, you canada goose outlet sale can reduce the odds of dying to about 0 but only if you wait until there are no cars headed either direction. I been hit by a car that had already stopped at a stop sign when I was in front of it and again by a car that had a stop sign and ample time to stop but didn point in brining up other scenarios is that being afraid of dying because this building fell while you were in it canada goose factory outlet toronto location doesn make statistical sense. It like someone who commutes by car 25,000 miles per year (50 minutes each way) but thinks flying any distance is unsafe.silencecalls 2 points submitted 2 months canada goose outlet mississauga agoHammerdin with an ingeom and an obsidian ring in the cube, and your steed will never be on cool down. That’s my current farming build canada goose outlet black friday sale and boy oh boy is it FAST. faster then my DH canada goose outlet shop and the dmg doesn’t drop off ever unlike with MS if you vault too much.

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