Alhamdulillah,… with God’s will, we are so grateful to be able to launch our site in the name of Al-Hadid Keris Malela. With this opportunity, we can share our knowledge together, especially to our fellow friends, members and those who are involve in the field of Pamor.

If you are interested to purchase, you could choose the type of iron to be made, the size of the weapon, the blade with lok (waves) or straight, appearance, and the type of Pamor.

Kindly leave your message here or call us. We would like to hear from you.

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Al-Hadid Keris Malela

Tel: +6 019 9268 777

[email protected]


Affandi @ Keris Malela


Kampung Kok Lintang


16090 Bachok

Kelantan Darulnaim


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