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In January 1993, he returned to BBC Radio 2, replacing Brian Hayes to present the breakfast show, then called Wake Up to Wogan. His tendency to go off on rambling, esoteric tangents cheap wigs, often including banter with his then producer human hair wigs, Paul Walters, became popular with both younger and older listeners. Much […]

Others permit the use of their material only if attributed to

But the real damage of egregiously flashing the race card is inflicted upon those black leaders who remain within the party. Crying wolf with the race card, especially when claims of black puppets and window treatments are made, means killing the notion of black competency and agency. What De Lille and her supporters are essentially […]

Peering into the cage in the morning

Would make no practical sense for a court to require evidence of a party claims when the parties themselves seek settlement Logically, requiring absent class members to prove their claims prior to settlement eliminate class settlement because there would be no need to settle a claim that was already proven. BP, like everyone who loses […]